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Metric Financial Group

Metric was established in 1988 as investment & risk consultants. Since then, the Metric Financial Group has built a diverse, efficient infrastructure to include a thriving accounting practice. Metric has remained active in both the long term and short term insurance industries to include advise to individuals, close corporations, trust and companies on a dynamic range of products. We are constantly re-educating our staff, keeping pace with the ever changing taxation laws, Companies Act and new products available locally and internationally. Our dealings with clients has and will always be our trademark. The aim of Metric is to continue the expansion of its services where at all possible, practical and feasible.

We add value


Our vision is to be the preferred financial services partner to small and medium business in the market segments. We operate in and within the geographical areas. We are able to service sustainability.





The strategy adopted by Metric is derived from its main goals: to be a sound, experienced partner for its clients, assisting them to achieve full potential, and to increase the wealth of all its clients through proper ethical business practice, investment planning, risk management and tax structuring. From the outset Metric has managed to build relationships and associations with all of the major banking groups, insurance companies, auditing firms, trust companies and some of the Group’s major competitors.  These associations have proved to be highly profitable since specialized services rendered by both Metric and its associates could be successfully merged. In the case of Metric encountering smaller competitors that offer financially viable services that may benefit the Group or its clients, these competitors have been taken over and their activities incorporated.  Examples are: Trust Companies, Estate Agencies, Developers and Insurance Brokers. This practice has proven to be a highly efficient way of growing the business and product range and as Metric is growing it will be capable of absorbing bigger competitors.


Our mission is, for our well trained professional staff, to at all time deliver honest advice, educated opinions and the highest quality service to all our clients.






Financial Management


We offer an array of financial management services including bridging finance, financial management, budget and cash flow management. Our clients can be provided with a professional mentorship programme. We do provide training for staff in the various financial disciplines.


Tax Planning and Compliance


A large percentage of business revenue is paid to the government in one form or another. It is therefore not surprising that tax planning plays an ever-increasing important role in all financial decisions. Our tax specialists assist clients in their decision-making, enabling them to explore all legal opportunities to minimize taxes and offer them advice on the tax implications of certain business transactions and business structures.


Estate Planning


One of the main objectives of estate planning, is the preservation of the estate for the benefit of the owner and beneficiaries. This essential area of advice, ranges from ensuring that the client has adequate income flow and capital growth to protection from creditors and taxes.




We will assist in the initial set-up of a family or business trust. We provide advice and guidance to trustees on the performance of their fiduciary duties. If required, we will also provide trustees to act as independent trustees.




We offer fair market valuations of businesses, shares or interests held in companies and close corporations. The fair market valuation opinion is documented in a comprehensive report, designed with the intent to comply with relevant valuation guidelines.



Corporate Services


>Corporate Advisory


Our highly qualified team will assist you with the drafting of agreements, deal structuring and transaction negotiations. In co-operation with your attorneys, we assist with the analysis of the financial viability of transactions, capital raising or obtaining finance and ensuring that tax efficient structures are in place.


>Due Diligence Investigations


We provide a complete analysis of assets, intellectual property, inventory, debtors and creditors. We will also analyze the transaction value compared to the net cash flow, EBITA, and the net income after tax.


>Statutory and Secretarial Services


Our services include the registration of companies, drafting of the memorandum of incorporation, and registration of trademarks and defensive names. We will also do the registration of amendments to the above, minutes of required meetings and subsequent updating of company registers.


>Risk Management


Our specialized staff determine the risks specific to your business and asset types. The most feasible solutions to mitigate any loss will be compiled, bearing in mind your cash flow position, tolerance for risk and your overall risk profile.


>Assurance Engagements


Depending on the turnover, number of staff members and debt our highly skilled staff can perform Independent Reviews or Audits as required by relevant legislation. This is undertaken with precise service commitments, which underpin every aspect of the way in which we manage our engagements.


Our success is the difference we make in our clients success and we measure ourselves against the value we add to our clients business.





Metric Financial Group recruit personnel to register and complete SAIPA accredited articles. We are an established, dynamic firm and offer our clerks the opportunity of in-depth experience with a wide range of clients who operate in various industries. Metric Financial Group is committed to supporting qualifying students seeking to gain a professional qualification with SAIPA. As such, we are a SAIPA accredited training centre, part of the SAIPA quality assurance scheme that supports employers in helping their students to qualify as Certified Financial Accountants, a globally recognised and highly valued qualification. The SAIPA professional qualification provides students with commercially relevant expertise across the many accounting functions. SAIPA training provides a ready-made package for employers to ensure that the training of Certified Financial Accountants is delivered to the same consistently high standards. It sets out quality standards that enable the company to:

-       Help trainees get the maximum benefit from the SAIPA courses.

-       Teaching of trainees with the SAIPA requirements.

-       Offer practical experience of what they learn.

-       Maintain the company’s training program against established bench marks.

-       Benefit from bi-annual assessments and assistance structures.


We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with all regulations, all laws, and the highest standard of ethical business practice and a sense of fair play.




Important information, dates & upcoming events



Head Office: 125 President Reitz Avenue                                              Westdene,  Bloemfontein

Other Offices: Johannesburg,  Port Elizabeth

                         and Cape Town

Postal address:

Private Bag X10, Brandhof, 9324

Telephone:  086 - 100 0410

Head office: 051 - 447 4055

Fax number: 051 - 430 0409




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